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10 Best Flamingo Lawn Decoration Ideas For Your Lawn

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Flamingo Lawn Decoration Ideas. Who doesn’t love flamingos? They are so bright and cheery, happy to see you, and they eat algae. Now that it is summertime, people are looking for ways to decorate their yards or decks for parties or barbecues. Well look no further then flamingos!

Flowers are a great thing to plant in your garden, flamingos are a great thing to put in your garden. Plus they can be used as lawn decorations for an African safari themed party!

Flamingo Lawn Decorations Ideas


This flamingo has the classic look of pink flamingo lawn decoration. It is also accompanied by two white herons which fit with the flamingo very well! It is a little bit of a different design because the flamingo has it’s wings extended in flight, with its head up. So flamingos aren’t just for your garden, they can also be used as lawn ornaments on a roof!


This flamingo lawn decoration looks like one is walking right out of the picture and onto your lawn. They are painted with bright colors and look even better when they are surrounded by brightly colored flowers. You could make this flamingo yourself if you have some decently sized flower pots and flamingos from Michaels craft store. Then follow these instructions .


These flamingos look like they are dancing in the wind, shaking their tail feathers back and forth. They are probably made out of metal, but they look like flamingos, which is all that counts when you are looking for flamingo lawn decorations. These flamingos are attached to a base, so they won’t tip over in the wind! If you want these in your garden then click here .


These flamingos are very bright and colorful. They have ornamental grasses planted around them which give even more contrast to their bright pink color. This is a great flamingo idea because it can stand alone in spaces where there isn’t much room or it can be used as an anchor for something larger! To get started with this flamingo lawn decoration click here .


If you don’t feel like buying flamingos or you want flamingo lawn decorations that will last a long time, then you could make your own! This flamingo lawn decoration is created by stacking glass bottles on top of each other. The thin necks of the bottle are what creates the flamingo’s thin legs. The picture above also has thin black round pieces for eyes and I think it would look even better if they were actually painted on instead.


This flamingo looks like it was just walking through the yard enjoying its day until someone caught it on film! They do not have their head up like most flamingos so perhaps this flamingo is thinking about food? Now that summer is almost here there should be plenty of bugs to eat in anyone’s garden.

This flamingo lawn decoration would be best placed next to the compost pile so it can get all of the food scraps.


Like flamingos? Love flamingos? These flamingo lawn decorations are sure to attract some attention! They look like flamingos were painted on top of them, but they aren’t. This is just how they naturally appear because of the stone that was used. The great thing about this flamingo idea is that no one has to know what kind of stones you used either. Just change up which color stones you use and your flamingos will resemble something completely different! Click here for more information .


Do you want flamingo lawn decorations but don’t want them to stand out too much? Then these flamingos are perfect for you! They blend in with their surroundings very well, but still look like flamingos. They also have some decorative grasses planted around them so they stand out a little more than just flamingo lawn ornaments . All of the flamingos pictured together will cost $50 which isn’t bad at all considering flamingo decorations can be quite pricey. Click here to get started on your own flamingo lawn decorations today!


This flamingo is coming right off the water onto your lawn! The bright colors make this flamingo really stand out against green grass and dark rocks. Click here if you would like to try making your own flamingos like this one. It will cost about $25 dollars worth of materials to make all 3 flamingos, but it will be worth it!


I saved the best flamingo lawn decoration idea for last. Do you love flamingos? Well these flamingos are made out of flamingos themselves! Who would have ever thought that they could fit so many flamingos on one flamingo lawn ornament ? At least they aren’t real flamingos, because someone might get upset if their flock is being used for decorative purposes… Click here if you want to get started on your own custom built flamingo lawn decorations today!

Do you need more examples of lawn art ideas? Then click here for more ideas.


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