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10 Essential Best Kitchen Gadgets to Save You Money and Time.

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Kitchen gadgets : we all love them, but do we really need them? Fortunately for us, the world of kitchen gadgetry is vast and often surprising, so there are definitely good choices out there. In fact, here at Be A Fun Mum we’ve been looking through a whole bunch of, and have 10 of what we consider to be the best kitchen gadgets on the market. Sounds good right?

Well, let’s take a look at our top picks.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 1: Can Opener With Bottle Opener

This is a brilliant little gadget which you never knew you needed! One end opens cans easily and cleanly, while the other end effortlessly removes bottle caps without the risk of sharp edges. And it’s cheap too!

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 2 : Non Slip Ice Cube Tray

This ingenious tray is designed with non slip bumps in each cavity so that when your ice cubes pop out they will do so safely. The is that this tray makes the perfect ice blocks for use in cocktail glasses.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 3 : Vegetable Spiralizer

The spiralizer turns vegetables into ‘noodles’ which can then be used to make delicious, healthy meals. You can make curly fries, or you could even create a stir fry! It’s fast, easy and fun. Best of all it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 4 : Avocado Slicer

Cutting open an avocado is no easy task, but with this nifty gadget it couldn’t be simpler. Simply place the slicer on top of your avo, twist and wah lah , perfectly sliced cubes.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 5 : Citrus Reamer

This gadget is perfect for anyone who loves adding freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to their recipes, but hates the mess it makes. With this handy reamer you choose how much juice you want and there will be no squirting juice all over your work surface.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 6 : Apple Slicer We all know that eating fruit is good for us, but time consuming when we have to slice each piece by hand. Well worry no more! This apple slicer takes seconds to use and guarantees evenly cut pieces every time so you get great results with very little effort.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 7 :

This little tool is a double whammy in that not only does it let you crack eggs safely without worrying about making a mess everywhere, but because the ‘yolk catcher’ keeps all your precious egg yolk together, you can actually use it to make beautiful sunny side up fried eggs. Bonus!

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 8 : Butter Curler

If you love nothing more than a dollop of butter melted onto warm toast or scones then this gadget is for you. Why dirty another pan when all you have to do is place the curler over your existing dish and add in some butter . It’s just as easy as melting a little bit in a pan, but leaves you with a lovely .

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 9 : Ice Cube Tray

Now we know that ice cube trays are not exactly on the cutting edge of kitchen gadgetry, but they really do make life easier and can be used for so many more things than just making ice cubes (just wait until you see our number 10 pick!). We love this one because it has a lid to keep your cubes fresh and prevent cross contamination.

Best Kitchen Gadgets – 10: Hand Held Garlic Press

If you’re anything like us then adding garlic to recipes is almost compulsory! The only problem is how annoying it can be to peel and crush all those little cloves. Well, this nifty gadget takes away all the, leaving you with perfectly pressed garlic every single time.

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