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19 Best Romantic bedroom Colours ideas for Home

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Romantic bedroom colours for your bed room is here. Romantic bedroom colors is a good option for those who want to make romantic and comfortable atmosphere in romantic bedroom. Romantic color for romantic bedroom can be pink, white, red or yellow. Those four colors are the best choice as romantic bedroom color as they represent romantic feelings such as love and passion. They also help our brain to release endorphin which makes us feel good and happy.

Romantic bedroom colours | Daisy Chain Yellow

Our favorite romantic bedroom colors idea is Daisy Chain Yellow which we use on romantic bedroom ideas we posted some time ago (find it on this page ). This romantic bedroom paint color combines all features of romantic room: it’s soft, warm and welcoming like strawberry was used as its base color; sunlight yellow – used on daisies – give romantic and fresh look to romantic room while brown color of wood give chic and rustic detail to romantic bedroom. Romantic bedroom ideas with romantic paint colors for romantic bedroom cannot be complete without romantic rugs from Romantic Rugs 4U .

Romantic Bedroom Colors – White

Another romantic bedroom colors idea is white which doesn’t mean that it should be empty in romantic bedroom. White is a very good choice for romantic accent wall or romantic accent furniture where you can add some details, embellishments or even accessories all in white tone. White color bedding set, white comforter set, white sheets and pillows can all create unique mood in your romantic retreat.

Pink Romantic Bedroom Colors

In case you want something more vibrant than soft romantic bedroom colors such as romantic pink bedroom, romantic lavender romantic purple romantic room or romantic red romantic bedroom , you can use this color to express your romantic mood which is full of joy and passion. Romantic teenage girls will love it! Decorate your romantic themed bedroom in white with accents in pink to get the perfect romantic retreat.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Red

When we think about romantic room ideas, one of the first things which comes into our mind is red color associated with love, passion and romance. We all know that Valentine’s day is not just a holiday but also a state of mind. This year choose something different than red roses on February 14th! Instead decorate your romantic bedroom for this romantic holiday with romantic red romantic bedroom ideas. Romantic rugs are also a very good romantic room accessory which will help you to create the right romantic mood.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Pink

Several years ago, decorating romantic rooms would be considered girly and strange if you’re not a teenage girl. Nowdays romantic bedroom ideas are more male friendly because this style is for everybody who wants to have romantic retreat, romantic getaway or simply romantic evening in their own home . This style can be used by romantic couples, romantic girls who want to feel special, romantic teenagers who want something different than pink walls in their room but still want it look like a true romantic retreat and even by families with children looking for comfortable coziness at home.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Lavender

Lavender romantic bedroom color will be great addition to romantic retreat with romantic lavender romantic bedroom ideas for romantic couples . Romantic teenage girls can also decorate their romantic room in this unique romantic hue. This dramatic tone creates romantic atmosphere like no other color and it’s perfect for creating romantic feel, romantic mood or even romantic scene. Combine lavender with white, pink, red or gold for best effect.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Light Purple

Light purple is another great choice if you’re looking for unique but still feminine romantic bedroom paint colors like light purple romantic room idea that we used before (for more details visit this page ). Use soft pastel color which will suit perfectly in your romantic romantic retreat with romantic light purple romantic bedroom ideas.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Lavender, White and Gold

Lavender romantic bedroom also look very pretty when combined with white and gold which is another common romantic colors combination for romantic themed rooms you can find on many romantic home decorating ideas . This color palette is full of romance and grace that will transform any room into romantic getaway or romantic retreat where you want to celebrate your love every day.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Peach Romantic Room Idea

For something really unique in romantic bedroom ideas, take a look at this romantic peach romantic bedroom idea with romantic peach colored wall which is decorated with cute flowery wall art print. You can choose similar color but different shade of peachy romantic bedroom colors like romantic orange romantic bedroom idea which will also look wonderful in romantic retreat. This romantic room decoration is perfect for teenage girls who want something romantic but still different than pink in their romantic themed rooms .

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Purple Romantic Room Idea

Purple is another great romantic color that can be used to create romantic feel, romantic mood or romantic scene. Combine purple pillow and duvet cover with romantic purple walls and you will get truly luxurious and unique looking romantic bedroom design with romantic purple romantic bed room ideas.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Blue and White Romantic Room Idea

Another pretty variation of blue and white color palette for your romantic inspired themed room is this beautiful blue, cream and gold combination as seen on this romantic blue romantic bedroom idea . This romantic room decoration is perfect for romantic couples, romantic girls or even romantic teenagers who want romantic retreat.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Red and White

Red and white color palette for romantic themed rooms also work really well as red romantic bed room ideas which you can see on this picture. Choose one of these romantic colors to create warm romantic atmosphere in your own home with red and white romantic bedroom ideas that we used before (for more details visit this page ). For a better effect choose bright shade of either color.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Black Romantic Room Idea

Another great way to create luxurious look in your romantic themed rooms is by adding rich accessories like shiny blackandelier as seen on this picture. Stylish romantic bedroom design with romantic black romantic bed room ideas will add romantic feel to your romantic retreat or romantic getaway. You can add table lamps, wall art prints and other romantic accessories in the same color for best effect.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Romantic Gray

Gray is another great choice for romantic themed rooms if you want something different from pink, lavender or white. This romantic gray romantic bedroom idea is perfect for adult couples who want a certain degree of masculinity in their romantic themed room design . Don’t be afraid to use it but keep it light and also consider adding some other colors like pastel blue which will look very pretty next to this gray color as seen on thins picture.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – White Romantic Room Idea

White romantic bedroom is probably the most romantic looking color because it’s associated with purity, innocence and virginity. This romantic white romantic bedroom idea is perfect for adult couples who want to create romantic atmosphere in their romantic themed room design . Keep your romantic themed room design simple by using white as the only color on walls, adding table lamps or wall art prints if you like.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Pink Romantic Room Idea

Another popular romantic colors choice for today’s romantic bedroom ideas is pink which can be seen on this pretty picture. You can use different shades of pink to achieve various effects like darker shade of pink for more masculine look or light romantic pastel shade of pink if you want something pretty and feminine. Don’t be afraid to use it but keep it romantic by using romantic pink romantic bed room ideas .

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Green Romantic Room Idea

Green romantic bedroom idea is also great choice if you want romantic retreat. Green color has calming effect and is usually associated with nature which makes it perfect for romantic themed rooms. If you want to recreate this romantic green romantic bedroom idea , first paint all walls in stronger shade of green, add white duvet or comforter cover, some flowers on the window sill and pillow covers in darker shade of green.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Red Romantic Bedroom Idea

Another nice variation of red color for romantic themed rooms that look elegant yet romantic is this beautiful red floral patterned duvet cover that you can see on this romantic romantic bedroom idea . If your romantic themed room is already painted in red, adding romantic red romantic bed room ideas will be a great romantic accent to your romantic retreat.

Romantic Bedroom Colors – Blue Romantic Room Idea

Blue romantic bedroom ideas are also great choice if you want to recreate elegant and luxurious romantic atmosphere in your own home with blue as the main color of your romantic themed rooms. This pretty blue and gold ceiling light fixture that we used before on our romantic purple romantic bedroom idea (for more details visit this page ) makes perfect addition to any romantic retreat design. However, keep it simple by using blue as the only color on walls and try not to use too many different shades of blue for better effect.

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