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20 Home decoration ideas with waste materials

Home decoration ideas with waste materials

Before starting our series of 20 ideas for home decoration with waste materials, we would like to clarify that they are not just objects made ​​with recycled material, but works of art. We present you very different work each with its own peculiarity. Although they are all the result of recycled material or rejected by society, they represent a great example of how to use the creativity in the search for new uses.

1) Bottle lamp shade .

The shape and color of the empty bottles usually make us throw them without a second thought. This lamp puts these containers to good use and by doing so it is saving money and making recycling an activity that brings results.

2) Bottle flower vase .

This idea has been designed for those who like simple things, but which are not less classy or innovative. A few bottles of water with their labels removed and placed vertically to make a flower vase is enough for an original home decoration.

3) Creative candle holder .

The candles give off light, but also warmth. And if they are grouped together to form something other than what we traditionally know as candlesticks, the result can be spectacular.

4) Creative furniture with tires .

The old tires can often abound in our garages and workshops. If we do not want to discard these objects, we can put them to good use as it is shown in this example of a creative chair. It is also very functional and comfortable because the floor remains cold due to the contact with the ground.

5) Creative lamps .

The old bottles serve as lanterns to light up the darkest areas of our homes. They are very original designs that can be used in the patio or on the porch, for example. If you don’t want it inside, simply place a candle inside and enjoy its beauty surrounding by nature.

6) Creative planters .

In the previous idea, we have already seen how a bottle can be reused as a vase. Here you can see another application, creating a planter made ​​with these objects without renouncing to style and originality. A very economical idea that will give your home a special charm.

7) Creative table lamp .

Another recycled idea that also gives a special touch to the interior of our homes. It is an old tire turned into a lamp, which is simple and easy to mount.

8) Creative wall furniture .

This object is very versatile since it can be used as a shelf for books or other decorative objects in the living room or bedroom. We can also use it as a place where to place the TV remote controls or other items that we often lose. In short, a few pieces of wood and paint are all you need to create this little gem.

9) Creative wooden floor .

The wood of old pallets can be used to make an original and elegant floor. They are simple pieces that, once painted in a tone similar to the walls or simply stained with a lighter color, will give a touch of style and sophistication to our homes.

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10) Garden furniture with bottles .

The leftover bottles used as flowerpots is one of the most popular ideas for recycling objects. This idea takes this recycling to another level, making a whole set of garden furniture with the bottles. The result is very original and fun.

11) Interior decoration ideas .

A quick look at this beautiful interior reveals that creativity can be used to recycle objects in every corner of our homes. These pieces are simple but very efficient, bringing a touch of style that otherwise would not have been possible.

12) Lamp out of bottles .

In this case we talk about several lamps made ​​with recycled materials using discarded vases as a base for the support structure, which is composed simply by two tree branches tied together. Paint them with bright colors and place them on your patio or porch to illuminate the way for guests arriving home at nightfall.

13) Living room lamp .

This lamp was made ​​out of old bicycle parts. The result is a nice and original design that is perfect for those who like to give a personal touch to everything they do, from interior decoration to clothes or accessories. It also gives a special touch of rebelliousness as if it were designed by an artist or designer with international fame.

14) Outdoor lamp .

In this case, the idea consists of placing several bicycle tires at the foot of a tree. This will serve as the base for lamps that will illuminate the path leading to your home perfectly when night falls.

15) Personalized storage boxes .

These storage boxes have been covered with tiles painted with bright colors and decorated with different designs that give them a more elegant appearance than just being simple storage containers without personality or style.

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16) Reclaimed furniture .

Whenever you find an old piece of furniture that has some personal value to you, like the one in the photo with sentimental value for their former owners. These objects can be recovered using recycled materials and can also function as improvised tables or nightstands in your bedroom.

17) Refreshing candles . A simple candle holder made ​​out of an empty bottle is more than enough to make our home smell good, especially when placed where it filters sunlight through windows or glass doors.

18) Sculptural Bottle Vases .

The results are very original sculptures that show how creativity meets recycling at any time. Decorative objects or art pieces that give personality to any room they are placed in.

19) Side table concept .

This idea comes from using bicycle tires as a base for the table itself. The resulting piece is perfect to place in gardens, patios or even bedrooms and give your home a touch of quirkiness and originality.

20) Stylish coat rack .

An old ladder was used here as a support and paint and some pieces of fabric were added to bring more color and personality to this beautiful rustic coat rack.


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