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21 Ways To Decorate Living Room With Used Curtains

curtains for living room ideas Ideas For Couples

1. Making a canopy for your bed from curtains

Curtains for living room ideas. If you have a queen or king-sized mattress then curtains can help out in making a canopy bed.  Just get a four-poster bed and hang curtains around it, dropping the curtains on all sides.   The privacy this creates will help you relax even more after an exhausting day at work!

2. Hang curtains behind your couch

While placing your curtains behind your couch makes them look less than impressive, they serve certain purposes if placed there. First of all they protect the back of your couch from getting dirty or dusty by covering it. Secondly, hanging curtains behind the couch gives depth to the entire arrangement making it appear more attractive.

3. To make curtains look longer, choose the right width curtains for your window

Curtain panels are available in three different widths, viz., 36 inches, 42 inches and 54 inches. The curtains with wider panels can help create a larger illusion of space in the room whereas curtains with narrower width are best suited to windows that are too high or low to accommodate wide curtains. 

4. Use curtains creatively to cover ugly doors inside the house

Instead of covering up your homely doors with expensive looking draperies, try using curtains creatively to hide them effectively! One way is by hanging curtains across the door openings instead of over it so that they overlap each other completely hiding whatever lies behind it. You could also attach curtains to the wall on either side of the door, just focus on getting long curtains that will run along the length of the door.

5. Hang curtains in your bathroom to add privacy while bathing

Hanging curtains just beside your bath tub can provide you an extra layer of privacy when taking a bath.

6. Adding curtains to children’s room brings down their temperature during summers

The best way to keep your child cool during summer is by adding curtains to their bedroom or play room. The curtains not only insulate heat but also make window areas feel like soft blocks thus offering complete privacy and protection from harmful rays of sun.   It must be noted however, curtains should never be placed before air conditioners as it may block cold air from entering into the room.

7. Using curtains can help you block noise coming through your windows

Blocking out sound is another good reason to use curtains in your home, especially if you stay on a busy street or near a railway track. While curtains are not totally able to block all sounds, they lessen noise considerably making life easy for those who have trouble sleeping or suffer from tinnitus problems.  

8. Hang curtains inside your pantry to make it look organized and less cluttered

Hanging curtains up in your storage spaces like pantry will not only make them look neater but also serve as an effective way to disguise things that shouldn’t be seen by others!   Another great idea about using curtains in the pantry is that they help keep items inside cool which helps preserve their freshness for a longer period of time.

9. Use curtains as dividers to section off parts of a room

Placing curtains between the living and dining area can help you create a separate space where guests can sit and chat without disturbing those watching TV in the living area.   You could also use curtains as dividers in your bedroom so that two people sleeping on different sides of the bed have their own personal space.

10. Inserting curtain rods into the hem of curtains creates an instant valance

Curtains with hems are very versatile since they accept curtain rings easily, just try inserting metal or wooden rods into the hem before stitching it up. Doing this creates a very unique and lovely valance that has the same effect as an expensive look curtain valance.

11. Use curtains to create your own window seat

Simply hanging curtains in front of the window, just below the window sill can add an extra plush seating beside it. This not only provides you with additional seating space but also enhances the overall beauty of your room by bringing in bright colors and texture into plain monochrome walls. 

12. Make curtains yourself instead of buying readymade ones

Window curtains are pretty easy to make at home using fabric of your choice! Just measure out enough width for your windows along with proper length depending on how much coverage you need, then cut out coupons following these measurements before stitching together three sides of the curtains using a sewing machine or needle and thread. Remember to leave the last side open, this is where you’ll attach curtains hooks for hanging purposes.

13. Covering ugly curtains with fabric can change their look completely!

Ugly curtains that are made of cheap quality material can be revamp into beautiful curtains just by adding another layer of fabric over them! Simply take good quality cloth in matching color and cut it to size before stitching three sides together so there’s one open side left for attaching curtain rings.   Insert rods inside the hem but do not insert curtain rods at this point since you want to create an overlap effect here.  Once your new top covering fabric is ready, repeat the same process like earlier on ugly curtains only leaving one side open for curtains rings.

14. Hanging curtains with curtain wire or chain can make them look gorgeous

Using chain or curtain wire to hang curtains is a great idea if you wish to give your curtains a more sleek and glamorous appearance. Curtain chains are often sold in department stores but while buying this consider the weight of curtains hanging from it too since some curtains may be heavy enough that they pull down curtains rods quickly! You could also use looped wires instead of chains, these are available easily at any hardware store. Make sure your window can accommodate them before purchasing one though!

15. Use self adhesive hooks to hang curtains without messing up the walls

Hanging curtains without making holes on walls is possible using self-adhesive hooks. These hooks are made of strong adhesive material that can be attached directly to your curtains without any need of drilling holes in walls to hang curtains!   They are perfect for renters who wish to decorate their windows without spending much on expensive curtains rods and curtains in general since they can be easily removed in future too when its time for moving out without leaving behind any mess behind.

16. Tie back curtains using ribbons or sashes

If you’re not much into formal looking curtains, then simply tie back curtains with sashes or ribbons! Sashes come in different styles and you could choose one that matches well with your curtains. You could even try something like fringes that would look quite lovely especially when the sun is shining through them brightly.

17. Using curtains to cover a large wall mirror

If you own a gorgeous wall mirror that just makes your room look prettier instantly, then why not use curtains to cover it? This is what some people do in order to keep their curtain rods from being seen from front side of the mirror and creates a beautiful contrast of curtains and mirror. Add curtains with same color as the one on your walls for best results!

18. Use curtains as an easy way to define separate living areas

Hanging curtains at different levels on two sides of a window can easily divide two area of living space without spending too much money or time decorating them differently apart from each other. So if you have a large living space where its difficult to separate living areas using furniture, curtains are the best choice for you!

19. Hang curtains outside your windows to create beautiful flowering effects

This is not something that’s easy to do but if you’re talented enough then go ahead and try it! Hanging curtains on exterior sides of windows attract attention especially during spring time when curtains are covered with flowers or other types of blooming plants! This creates a simple yet gorgeous appearance that will definitely turn heads instantly. Make sure curtains are hung at sufficient distance from each other though, because otherwise they’ll cover each other up which creates an opposite effect instead!

20. Use curtains as room dividers to separate spaces easily

Curtains can also be used efficiently as temporary room dividers by hanging curtains from ceiling or wall hooks. This is a commonly used idea especially when you have guests over and wish to separate spaces quickly without rearranging too much furniture around, curtains are perfect for this!

21. Use curtains as a privacy shield from TV screens

This might sound weird but its actually an interesting idea that came up in my mind while I was writing down tips on decorating with curtains! Since curtains can be hung from ceilings using curtain rods, they become the perfect privacy shields from watching at TV from outside where curtains may not reach!


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