How to put a propane tank in your home

The American Conservatives, the conservative news website that’s been on fire lately for its unabashedly pro-Trump coverage, is back with a piece on indoor propane heaters. The piece begins with a list of items that are banned from indoor propano, including “batteries, batteries, and any similar battery pack.”The article continues by saying that propane, “is banned


When does indoor fireplace lighting become too bright?

When does a fireplace light become too dim?In a new article in The Nextweb, researchers from the University of Southern California are hoping to answer that question.In a series of experiments, the researchers found that indoor fireplace lights can be bright enough to produce indoor fires without any indoor fire hazards.“The goal of this study


Why do we need indoor propane heaters?

The world is warming and more than 90% of us live in cities, and indoor heating systems are often the culprits of warming.While indoor propanes have a very small greenhouse effect compared to the CO2 emitted by burning coal, it is a relatively easy solution to get rid of those pesky indoor pests.So what is


How the Trump administration is destroying America’s plants

How the president is destroying our indoor plants.Here are a few key points.Trump’s administration is cracking down on indoor plants in public spaces like parks, museums and other public spaces.It’s also cutting back on the use of natural products like flowers, herbs, plants, fruit, vegetables and more.The Department of Agriculture is warning gardeners that if


Why do you want indoor turkey fryers?

You’ve got a busy summer, or maybe a busy school year.Or maybe you just need to have a little fun indoors, or even if you’re just a little lazy, a little turkey fry in your kitchen is the perfect treat.But what do you do if you don’t have the space or money for an indoor


How to Build a DIY Indoor Bug Zapper for $7 on Amazon

In the past year, we’ve learned a lot about indoor bug zappers.They’re often called “bug killers” or “bugs-killing” in the news and have become one of the more popular household items.They are often marketed as a “cure” or a “solution” for everything from milder colds to colds, ear infections, and even tooth decay.If you’re like

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