Navy blue and white has many different meanings for different people. For some people it is associated with manhood, courage, serving the country and the color of the uniforms.

For others it is simply the love for the seas, yachts and boating parties.

On top of all the meanings, the navy blue is also a traditional color for bedrooms that many people seem to enjoy or wish for a bedroom like this.

With some subtle adjustments you can turn this into a design that will fit any bedroom or any personality.

So say goodbye to your boring bedroom and get inspired by these 26 Best Navy Blue Bedroom Design Ideas:

As you can see blue is a very powerful color that can be used to create some amazing designs. Don`t be afraid to add the darker navy blue on your walls or pillows.

If you want to start decorating your bedroom but you are not sure what products to choose, we have some suggestions:

(Affiliate Link) Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening and Thermal Insulating Window Curtains

This brand offer a wide range of curtains that gives your home an elegant and modern look. Apart from the elegant look, these curtains will also reduce noise, block light and provides privacy.

They work great with longer windows and provide a classy look to your home.

(Affiliate Link)MoMA Decorative Throw Pillow Covers – Navy Blue 

If you are looking for a fast way to get that navy blue bedroom look then throw pillows are the easiest way to get there. They are also the cheapest option.

These elegant decorative pillow covers, 18″ by 18″ and come in a set of two, are designed to bring a splash onto any coach , sofa , or bed spread.

(Affiliate Link) Furnish my Place Contemporary Trellis Modern Geometric Area Rug 

Spice up your décor with this navy blue rug that will not break the bank. The vibrant and powerful color makes this rug a great choice for any room.

(Affiliate Link) thehaki Decorative Wall Clock 

Do you want to create a navy blue inspired room design but you don`t have anything to hang on the walls?

This decorative clock might be exactly what you are looking for. On top of the simple and modern design this clock is also silent.

(Affiliate Link) Microfiber Duvet Cover and Pillow Sham Set 

This is the last and probably the most important piece for any navy blue bedroom. This alone can make a pretty big difference. Create an instant fresh new look with this Microfiber Duvet Cover Set. The set’s duvet cover adds an extra layer of cozy warmth for extra comfort, from one season to the next. The duvet cover fits over any same-size duvet, and it includes a hidden button closure for securing in place.

26 Best Navy Blue Bedroom Design Ideas Conclusion

We hope you got enough inspiration and you feel ready to decorate your bedroom in navy blue style. By using our suggestions list you can create an amazing design that will make your friends and family jealous.