A little more than an hour’s commute from London: Here are the best places to eat and do your work from London


Here are some of the best restaurants in London, and a few places you might want to visit to see the sights.


Bittermans, Oxford Street [via Yelp] The Oxford Street bar and grill is one of the most popular in the city, and it has been around since before the advent of the internet.

The restaurant has a small menu of dishes, including a few vegetarian options, but it’s also home to some of London’s most famous chefs and bartenders.

If you’re looking for a little bit of a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and the bustling economy, you can head here.


La Boulange, Hyde Park [via Engadge] You might be thinking: “I’ve heard good things about this place.

Why would I want to spend an hour and a half going around?”

Well, La Bousange is a great place to spend a few hours for a drink, watch a film, or catch up with friends.

Its menu is fairly basic and you can also get a bite or two at the bar, but its location is perfect for a relaxing day.


St Lucia’s, Kings Cross [via Instagram] This London institution is a local favourite and serves a tasty menu of local and international dishes.

You can pick up a few of its signature dishes from its lunch menu, or try its dinner menu.


The Bowery, Newham [via Airbnb] You can visit The Bowersy in London for a great breakfast or lunch and you’ll likely find yourself falling in love with its menu, which includes dishes such as roasted chicken, sausage, and fish.


The Tivoli, Covent Garden [via Instapundit] A little over a mile away from London’s famous Central Park, The TIVOLI is the only restaurant that you can really eat in London.

The menu features a wide variety of international and local dishes, and there’s something for everyone here.

It’s also one of Londons largest indoor markets and is the perfect place to pick up your groceries and groceries in one place.


The Wetherspoon, Hyde Street [Via Yelp] Located in the heart of Hyde Park, this place serves a variety of food from the likes of sushi to Italian sandwiches.

The owners of The WETROFFS have a pretty good reputation for offering a good food menu, so you won’t be disappointed.


Sushi Taqueria, Piccadilly Circus [via Food Network] The first time you see this food truck in London you’ll be blown away.

It has the best selection of sushi you’ll ever see, and you may even find yourself taking a bite of one of its delicious plates.


The Blue, Westminster [via Indoor Living] A small eatery and cafe, The Blue is a regular fixture in the London food scene.

You’ll find an assortment of Asian dishes and the menu is very casual, so it won’t take much time to sample all of their menus.


Dolly’s, Greenwich [via Eater] Located on the edge of Greenwich Village, Dollys serves a great menu of Chinese, Indian, and Indian inspired dishes.

It also serves up some of their signature dishes such a crispy, spicy chicken curry, and their signature Thai curry.


Lidl, Chelsea [via LidLabs] The London-based luxury brand has a pretty extensive list of food and drink options in its restaurants, which you can check out at their website.

The selection of the menu changes daily and you could even try a few different dishes on their famous “Desserts of the Month”.


The Fishmonger, London [via Twitter] Located next to the busy East End of London, The Fishmonger is one the best fishmongers in the world.

You could spend a decent amount of time here with its extensive selection of fish.


Lagerberg, Westminster Abbey [via TripAdvisor] Located near Westminster Abbey, Lagerberg offers a great array of food, from gourmet fish dishes to sandwiches.


The Meeres, Kensington [via Lonely Planet] You may have already been to this place, but you’ll need to head up the stairs and up to the top of the tower to get a good view of the gardens.

This restaurant has been in business since the 1600s, and is one that you won�t want to miss.


The Laundry, London Underground [via The Travel Channel] London’s longest running and most iconic laundromat, The LANDY MACHINE has a long history of serving customers in the capital.

Its restaurant is a must-try for any Londoner and offers a range of delicious dishes, from burgers and bolognese to a steak tartare with

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