India’s indoor basketball hoops are making India look like a joke


The Indian basketball industry has been a bit of a laughing stock ever since the country made headlines last year when it was revealed that its state-of-the-art indoor basketball courts were not only not able to handle the ball in the traditional way, but were also incapable of producing even one basketball hoop.

In an attempt to rectify the situation, the country’s state government last month announced a plan to upgrade the facilities at its indoor basketball facilities by replacing the old ones with new ones.

The announcement came on the heels of the National Basketball Federation of India (NBBI) announcing the launch of a nationwide online portal to help coaches and administrators in the field of basketball in India to quickly get the ball on the court.

NBBI president and CEO Nadeem Akhtar said that the portal would enable coaches to quickly access the basketball court and its equipment in a timely manner, as the government has set a deadline of November 20 to complete the renovation work.

“We are taking the issue of building basketball courts as a priority, so we have set a date for completion of the renovation of the facilities in the next few weeks,” he told IANS.

In a bid to get the court on the floor faster, the NBBI has already started building new court areas in various parts of the country.

Akhtar told Ians that the first stage of the project was completed last week, with the second stage of work expected to be completed in November.

The NBBI says that the work is part of a $150 million programme to provide indoor basketball arenas across the country to Indian schools.

The project has been spearheaded by the Delhi government, which has already spent a total of $70 million in the first phase of the scheme, with a total commitment of $100 million in three years.

indoor basketball hoop indoor lighting

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