Kids indoor playhouse opens in New York City


New York, NY—November 9, 2017—The Kids Outdoor Playhouse has been opened in New Jersey and will be able to cater to children of all ages.

The kids indoor playground will be the first indoor playground in the United States to be open to the public, opening with an outdoor window shuttering program, indoor grill and a ninja indoor grill.

The playground will open to families, which includes children of both genders.

The outdoor windows will be fully covered by the kids playhouse, with the doors opening up and closing for a moment each day to provide a little peace and quiet.

The outdoor grill will be stocked with fresh veggies, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fresh meats.

A large pool will be available for swimming, swimming lessons, volleyball, and the kids indoor grill will offer grilled meat.

Kids Outdoor Playground (KOP)The kids outdoor playhouse will open in New Orleans, LA in November.

The playhouse is part of the Louisiana Playhouse Program, which has over 50 facilities in the state.

The program allows children to stay in the park during the day, participate in activities like yoga and arts and crafts, and play activities.

The Louisiana Playhouses Program is designed to provide low-income children with access to an outdoor playground and a safe and welcoming environment to play, play and play.KOP is the second of the programs.

The first was opened in 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, and it has grown to more than 20 locations.

In 2016, KOP opened in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The program was founded by the Mayor of Baltimore, Catherine Pugh, and Governor Larry Hogan.

In 2018, Kop received a $50 million grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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