Outdoor Paintball Gets Another Boost With a New Event, Outdoor Shoes


A few days after the indoor paintballs were banned, indoor shoes went on sale, and indoor football leagues were started.

But not for long.

The sport was banned in January after a spate of shootings, with police saying the shootings were related.

More: The shooting deaths of two people, including a woman, at a paintball event in South Carolina this week raised more questions about the state’s laws on the sport, including its strict gun control measures.

The shooting happened just days after Gov.

Nikki Haley signed a bill banning the sport in South Dakota.

The state’s Attorney General’s Office has not released details about the shooting, but law enforcement officials say it appears the victim, 19-year-old Tanisha Thomas, and her friend were playing paintball at the same paintball field on Sunday.

Authorities say they believe the shooting was gang-related.

“The suspect was wearing a mask, and when he was shot, the mask was covering his face,” said South Dakota Highway Patrol Captain Robert Schaffer.

Police say they did not know if the mask-wearing shooter was connected to the South Dakota shootings.

They did not release the name of the suspect or the victim.

More than 50 paintball leagues were formed, with the most popular leagues in Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana and Kansas.

But the paintball league in Iowa is one of only two in the country, with about 2,200 players, according to the Paintball Association of America.

The Iowa leagues’ members were told to wear masks.

Some leagues banned masks in February.

A new paintball tournament is scheduled for Sunday at the Iowa Paintball Center in Des Moines.

The new paintballs will be a combination of indoor and outdoor.

They will be played on fields and the ball will travel about 2 miles.

The paintball is banned in most states, and only in New Mexico and Utah.

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