The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Darlene Super, is leaving the reality show


Darlen Super, a reality star and mother of three, has been leaving the Real Housewife of Atlanta.

In a statement to MTV News, Super said she will be working with the show’s creator to make a new reality series.

“I’m excited to be back on the show,” Super said.

“We have so much to look forward to in the future, and I will miss the fans and everyone I have made the pleasure of working with.”

She added, “It’s so important for me to keep working with and being a part of a successful show, and this is exactly what I want to do.”

In a recent interview with VH1, Super described her life since the show ended, saying that she was tired of “getting hit on by everyone.”

“I had the same problem with the girls that I used to date, but I also got a lot of other people,” Super told VH.

So I really look forward, and look forward working with [creator] Debra [Schumacher] again, so I’m looking forward to getting back into the game. “

But I’ve always had a love for reality TV, and the people who have been with me for so long have been so supportive and so supportive of me.

I’m working with Debra to make sure I get the right show and show the right people.” “

There’s a lot I want in my future, but it’s not what’s on the schedule for me right now.

I’m working with Debra to make sure I get the right show and show the right people.”

The Real Lifewives of New York City star said she had been planning to stay on the series for a long time.

“Every time I go on a show I’m a little bit more tired, but the show has always been the only thing I’ve wanted to do and the only show I’ve really loved, and now I’m ready to move on,” Super continued.

“Now that I’m done with the Real Lifehousewives, I’m going to start thinking about a new direction.”

Super said that she will now focus on her other projects, but did not elaborate.

She was married to rapper/actor Michael Jackson, whose daughter, Ashley, is now an adult model.

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