Why Indoor Sports Aren’t the Same in 2018


If you’ve spent any time around indoor play, you’ve likely heard the term “pitch” before.

Andretti, an Italian manufacturer of indoor tennis shoes, recently announced it’s making a change to its indoor tennis footwear by offering a new design called the “Indoor Pitch” that is designed to fit a more narrow body.

And the company says it’s going to start shipping the new Indoor Pitch to its customers this summer.

“The Indoor Pitch will allow us to bring our best tennis shoes to the masses, and we are excited to offer it to our customers in July,” Andretto president Roberto Cardona said in a statement.

“The Indo Pitch is made of an insulating rubber that will absorb some of the impact of the indoor environment.”

Andretti’s new Indo Pitch will be available in two sizes, the 8 and 10, and will be offered in a variety of colors, including white, green, purple, pink and black.

The shoes will retail for $199.99.

Andretto’s Indoor Pit, which is designed for the indoor tennis player, will be a different design than the one the company released in 2016.

The company unveiled the Indoor Play 2 in December 2016, and the Indo Pit was later followed by the Indocast 2, a smaller version of the Indore 2.

But the new one will be similar in design, with the exception of the shoe size.

And the Indos will come in two styles: a 12″ Indo Pad, which will cost $129.99, and a 10″ Indore Pad, for $79.99 (both in black).

The Indos are available in both black and white versions, with a price tag of $169.99 for the 10″ pad.

And in addition to the Indolade and Indore, Andrettos new Indos also feature a mesh construction that makes them resistant to water and dust, and offer a wide range of comfort.

And now, Andriy Parlamento, the brand’s founder and CEO, is giving you a closer look at the new footwear.

We can say that the new Andriya Parlamente Indoor Tennis shoes are truly unique, the designer said, adding that the company is also working on the “Karting” Indoor and outdoor tennis shoes.

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