Why the new indoor garden in Miami is an indoor garden



This is a new indoor gardening concept in Miami, Miami Beach and Miami Beach Gardens.

It uses natural gas to heat up plants and then turns it into heat.

The plants are turned into heat using the power of the sun, so it is also a way to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

The idea came from the idea that the new plant was designed for the heat that comes with the city, so instead of heating up a house, you can heat your home with the power that comes from the sun.

That way, you save money on your electricity bill.

The plants are also a natural light source for the garden.

They look like trees, but the heat comes from a gas plant.

There is no electricity to run the plant.

So, you have to do it yourself.

The plant is actually about $5,000.

So this is kind of a big deal for Miami.

There are some other places around the world where they have started to do this and they are very successful, but it’s a new concept.

I know a couple people in New York, and some people are thinking, oh, well, this is too much, too much energy.

This isn’t the way to do the garden in a city like Miami.

The main reason why I like the idea is it’s so green, and it’s also kind of interesting that it can be used in other places, because it’s going to be used around the country.

But I think it’s great.

The first thing that I’m going to tell you about it is that it is a big investment, because you have your own house, and you have a gas company that is going to use your heat, but you have this other person that is just going to burn your wood, and your wood will have a carbon footprint.

So I would say that you should probably not be putting this on your property right away.

You should probably wait until it’s been proven to be effective and that you can make this sustainable.

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